Welcome to Architecture Steiner, a site where interested individuals, from professional designers to those pursuing design in its widest contexts, and those interested in spiritual aspects of life and creativity, can share ideas, present current work and exchange information.  It is a forum for dialogue and communication.

Are you interested in the world of design - particularly in architecture and the art of making places? 

Are you interested in the spiritual insights of Rudolf Steiner - to which he gave the name 'anthroposophy'?

If so, this site is aimed to be a catalyst for exploring ideas where these streams meet.  Steiner himself created some extraordinary buildings, and his work has encouraged many others to design in ways which recognise not only the humanity inherent in successful buildings, but also deeper spiritual aspects of life and place.

We are all too aware that, from the world itself right down to our own lives, there is a tendency towards fragmentation. As designers we want to explore with colleagues and in particular students how to design and create in the context of wholeness.  Our focus is on creating places, either internal or external, which are themselves a ‘whole’ and relate to and contribute to a greater ‘whole’.  We will do this with the wisdom given to us by Rudolf Steiner. 




October       Sussex, England

Sculpture workshop with Gertraud Goodwin 

Lecture discussion on The Twelve Senses with Tony Cooper


April             London and Brighton, England    

Study tour of Eric Parry’s London and Brighton buildings with Richard Coleman and Eric Parry




February       Asian conference

Manila, Philippines     International Festival of Architecture and the Arts - Wholeness Through Architecture And The Arts     

Iloilo, Philippines     Architecture and The Twelve Senses Weekend Intensive



(tbc - study trip in Europe)




July               Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo, Norway     

IFMA Study Tour of Espen Tharaldsen's buildings and Snohetta's Oslo Opera House


February       Brighton, England     Painting workshop with Johanna Berger



July               Emerson College, Sussex, England     International Architecture Steiner Conference                                        


Every building deprives a portion of the earth of sun, wind and rain and probably plant and animal life as well. It must redeem this sacrifice by the healing quality of its architecture.

-Rudolf Steiner


At the International Architecture Steiner Conference in July 2013, participants from various nationalities gathered in Sussex, England, exploring the theme of

Wholeness Through Architecture And The Arts

The organizing group are most thankful to the following organisations which assisted through funding to enable the event to take place, and to enable numbers of delegates to attend through travel grants - Sponsors: Fielden Clegg Bradley, Ramboll, Iona Stichting, Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain; Donors: Studio Egret West, Farrells, Roz Barr Architects, Citydesigner.

It is hoped that the momentum generated by this meeting can lead to further such events in the coming years. For those wishing to review the conference details and for further reports and contributions please regularly visit this website.

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